Mekong IndoChina Hash

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The Mekong Indochina Hash, as its name might suggest, is a South East Asian regional Hash that is held once a year over the course of a weekend, usually around the end of October/early November when the annual rains have abated and the weather is (relatively) cool.

The event is freely rotated between the different countries in the region, which can be loosely defined as comprising of any country through which the Mekong River flows or for which the Mekong River forms part of its border. Thus Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam form the core and (in theory) parts of southern China could and have (once) qualified. In the great tradition of the Hash there are no formal rules about membership of this “club” or protocols about its misorganisation but the general feeling is that nobody wants the format to change and certainly nobody wants it to become another huge event such as Pan Asia and the like. And so it tends to operate on the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid.

So what makes this Hash any different from any other regional Hash, and what makes it one of the most anticipated Hashes on the Hash calendar? Well, it can be simply summed up by saying that this is one of the friendliest Hash events to be found anywhere and it has consistently aimed to keep the true spirit of Hashing alive and well. The emphasis is on keeping things manageable. With attendances usually ranging between 200 and 400 Hashers, attendees are not just a number. Renewing old friendships and starting new ones is the name of the game. It really does feel like you are a member of a close-knit club – it’s just that the club house moves every year! Add to this the opportunity to visit parts of the Far East that you only ever get to read about in travel magazines or in airport thrillers, a warm and tropical climate, exotic and colourful local tribes, a sprinkling of World Heritage sites and you have all the ingredients you could possibly want. Indiana Jones would die to get to half the places where the Mekong Indochina Hash has been hosted and there are more than a few Hashers who make it a point to attend this event from  wherever in the world they happen to be at the time but, of course, it is the Hashers from South East Asia who are at its heart.

Long may it continue!!

 ~ Bob 'BoBo' Thomas